10 iest Female Celebs Who Are Not Blessed In The Chest

  1. Natalie Portman

It is thanks to its seductive sensuality mixed with an unmistakable innocence that makes Natalie Portman one of the most attractive actresses in the world? She is smart (she managed to study at Harvard), has a lot of talent, and this is compounded by her physical beauty. She also is a woman who not only trusts in her appearance to achieve everything she has achieved. Natalie, of course, is very attractive, but she is not only a pump having big melons and a rounded back. All that is fine, because she still is recognized as a siren both on and off screen. It is also one of the most successful actresses we’ve seen in recent times (just have to see the “black swan”)

  1. Rihanna

The Barbadian singer is close to meeting its 30 years, can you believe it? Still Rihanna is still a good girl gone bad and we all love to see her and hear her. If only she were the “only girl in the world!” In any way, riri has achieved platinum with its devastating sounds and albums, plus it has made guest appearances with other singers and rappers in the world. She even worked as a voice bender! Rihanna remains as one of the most popular of the existing fashion icons and becomes a muse for many people. She also has great sex appeal, which is impressive considering that she is not as stacked as other celebrities.

  1. Kendall Jenner

If you have not heard about Kendall Jenner in your life, it means you must be living under a rock. Besides being the most glamorous Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall is one of the hottest new models that exist in the world today. We can see her always hanging out with Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, plus you can always see her using fashion brands and designer pieces. Kendall is a stunning beauty: thin, long legs and so beautiful. We greatly admire her ability to become a chameleon in step cat to be so fabulous in their daily live. She does not need to be compared to the body of his sister Kim.

  1. Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana is a native New Jersey, but it’s not your typical Jersey woman! The successful actress of 37 years has managed to make a name by herself thanks to the blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean, avatar and star trek. Zoe is also one of those celebrities that the paparazzi cannot leave alone, because they always want to take a picture, especially when she is on the red carpet or when she go on vacation to the beach. Even when she was pregnant, Zoe was still one of the most attractive women you could see. She does not need an excessively large chest to show us its beauty, and that that’s something that comes from within.

  1. Ariana Grande


If we take his new single called “dangerous woman” as a reference to herself, then Ariana Grande prove to be a very tough woman. The girl of 22 years old is still very young, but she is widely known for her incredible songs and her unique horse tail. Ariana is also a young woman who looks so sweet, whether she is eating donuts and using jumpers or if she is performing an act of music in a little dress with cat ears. We got really excited to see how her career unfolds, including all areas, both musical and fashion choices, even life achievements. Being a girl who began his career on Broadway, you can bet that she has the power to be a star.

  1. Kristen Stewart


Despite having one of the most serious faces around showbiz, Kristen Stewart is still one of the most attractive young. Besides being one of those celebrities who has a very interesting sense of seduction and attraction. The actress of just 25 years old looks great whether it is at night with friends or on the red carpet. She is not known for being all glitz and glamor, and we like that feature. The actress is currently working as a spokeswoman for a television channel, so certainly we are not the only ones to realize her appeal. We love her performance in Twilight, and now we love to see her mature.

  1. Miley Cyrus


Okay, we know that Miley Cyrus is not exactly a southern belle, but she is from Tennessee and is very beautiful. And as a curious fact, we see her eccentricity and her ability to be herself in the face of criticism and media pressure. Miley has come a long way since its debut in Hannah Montana, but has been able to solidify as a decent singer and actress. We now look all the time to what will be hers next outfit. And thanks to her small chest, she was able to go to Jimmy Kimmel with simple stickers stuck on her nipples.

  1. Charlize Theron


At 40 years old, some might think that Charlize Theron will succumb to the misfortunes of maturity and menopause. Yes of course! The actress is still enshrined as one of the most attractive celebrities in Hollywood, and even manages to keep it clearly. She’s not a shy woman who escape to show its appeal on the red carpet showing necklines, hems and delicate embroidery. Thanks to all this, she is one of the finest women today. Maybe that’s why designers like John Galliano and Christian Dior have used she as a runway model. Being middle age does not mean stop being attractive!

  1. Rachel McAdams


Remember when Rachel McAdams starred as Regina in “Mean Girls” and had her tank top? His purple bra could be seen, but she used it anyway and all the other girls started to copy that style. Well, it turns out that in real life Rachel still could do that because she’s attractive, glamorous and successful. The actress recently appeared in major films, including the most wanted or Southpaw. At 37 she gets that women and men from all over the world swoon with its glamor of old Hollywood. She never has been found in any scandal that ruined her reputation or bad photographs, and that is something we admire flatly.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow currently is 43 years old and she still looks like a warm fireplace. Maybe that’s why she had been in relationships of such high caliber like Chris Martin, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt. Gwyneth was also hired by Estee Lauder to be his official model, and has been doing this work for 10 years! She also represents the face of Coach. The celebrity continues her role in acting, shining on the red carpet, being mother of a family and working in her cookbooks and on its lifestyle website. She has almost everything (Except for a pair of double D, but that is something we can forgive)


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