15 Genius Ways to Pot Plants without Planters


If you are looking for an instant way to improve and enliven your space, adding some plants may be the touch you’re looking for. This peppy decor adds a large canvas of color and life to your home, brightening any room you want. But if you do not possess the necessary pots (or if you feel that these are very boring for what you want) how you are supposed to show your plants? Believe us, not having pots is not the end of the world.

There are many colorful and fun options to display your plants so you do not have to go to stock options. Get creative with these 15 smart ways of potting.

  1. Cans oils


Some oil can look really good on their own. They have lovely drawings on the outside usually making them a very peculiar choice as pots. Once accepted the idea, this will be useful for small plants, but it is a very creative way of gardening.

  1. Cooking pans


If you have bread pans you need to discard, don’t do it! Reuse them in great pots. The neutral metal of the bakeware is excellent for any kind of space in your home and depending on the size of the pans, you can sow the number of plants you want.

  1. Gutters


Need a little more space? If you install some gutters on the sides of your home or shed they will instantly give you maximum space that you could use for gardening. Even if you install several rows you can go crazy when planting.

  1. Shoe planter


Crocs, in particular, are a great option waterproof to this craft. Shoes are one of the fastest, easy and cute way to make small hanging gardens in a moment.

  1. The chair pot


Simply we LOVE this idea. If you take an old chair, a little sandpaper and paint it with some vibrant colors you can get a spectacular pot made by yourself. Cut a hole in the seat depending on the size of the plants you want to place and you can display them in a very creative way.

  1. Flowerpot from a bucket


The roughness of these metal buckets serves well to contrast the soft greens of plants and flowers. To achieve this effect, you can get metal buckets at any Dollar Store and fill them with any type of plant. You’ll love the way they look in your garden.

  1. Pots vases


Do you not own a yard where plant? Well, that’s no problem because you can still have plants in your home! Get a set of great vases and sow your plants in them to have a great decoration for your library or kitchen.

  1. Cookware pot


If you have pulled some old kitchen utensils, you can make a staggered garden pots so easy. They have a unique and great effect on the look of your garden. Even if you do not have all shown cookware, you can buy them in stores as they are very cheap.

  1. Flowerpot Palettes


Will there be something that the palettes cannot do? Pallets work seamlessly as if they were blank canvases so you can do whatever you want. We love this project because you can paint them any way you want and you can distribute your plants in many ways. This also gives you a wide area so you can cover everything you want.

  1. Small cans as pots


These small cans (which you can get after you finish using a can of tomato sauce or coffee) are super nice pots. You can paint them or decorate them with fabric, or you can just leave them as they are and add a rustic touch to your garden.

  1. Mirrors pot


This takes a little extra effort on your part, but for those who like manual labor, this will be a challenge. This pot with trend potential is constructed with four mirrors, all bought at the Dollar Store. The mirrors are glued together to create a pot that looks great and is also cheap.

  1. Mason jars


When in doubt, uses mason jars. They stick excellently with everything and immediately elevate and improve the appearance of the room or the garden. Moreover, happens that they have the right shape and size for plants! We appreciate seeing a vegetable or herb garden in these jars.

  1. Cans of soda


This process is very good for the environment and it turns very adorable! When your family finishes drinking a soda package, retains the cans. Then paint them and put a layer of paint with chalk effect so they can act as a functional bio-friendly pot.

  1. Flowerpot from a dresser


Forget only having one plant, you can have a complete garden with this craft. If you have an old closet that you want to discard, give it another use turning the spacious drawers in a garden. Perfect for indoor and outdoor gardens. Look for other ways to reuse the dressers.

  1. Colander pot


This craft will isn’t only adorable, but is also very easy to do, and has an extra added. Strainers or colanders are easy to paint and easy tie; because their handles are perfect for tying them with chains or ropes. Additional feature: Thanks to the way they are made (with holes, of course) they are easy to let your plants drain the excess of water after watering. Thus, the roots won’t rot and will extend the life of the plants.

Have you created your own pots from something creative? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom.


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