16 Secrets About Lady Gaga That Even Her Little Monsters Might Not Know


The Artpop queen has made her name ever since the release of her music. Never failing anyone, she can be seen on the charts every time she releases a new track. But even as famous as she is, she still have secrets of her own. Here are 16 secrets about Lady Gaga that even her little monsters might not know.

  1. Lady Gaga is a stage name inspired by Queen’s song ‘Radio Ga Ga’.
  2. When she was signed to Insterscope, she would write songs for Fergie, Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls.
  3. The meat dress that she wore to the MTV Music Video Awards took everyone by surprise. What’s even more surprising is that she said the meat had a sweet smell to it.
  4. When she received her Golden Globe for there performance in American Horror Story: Hotel, she said that she always wanted to be an actress but music just kind of happened first.
  5. Ever wonder why Lady Gaga rarely wears pants on stage? It’s so that her grandmother, who is nearly blind can see her perform on stage when she’s on TV. How sweet.
  6. Gaga is a natural brunette but she was always mistaken as Amy Winehouse in the beginning and that’s the story of how she ended up with blonde hair. 
  7. Most of us know her as Lady Gaga, but her being the super star, she of course has other nicknames; Gagaloo, Loopy and Mother Monster are only some of the nicknames she goes by along with Lady Gaga.
  8. Her favourite flowers are white roses.
  9. She taught herself piano when she was four and started writing her own songs when she was 13. Talk about a prodigy.
  10. She loves to carry purple teacup and saucer with her; it makes her feel at home.
  11. She’s only 5’1”. So that is a plausible reason as to why she is always wearing 10 inch heels.
  12. She’s such a huge fan of Michael Jackson, she owns 55 articles of his stage clothes! The dedication!
  13. We all know her song Born This Way. It’s so catchy and meaningful and just everything right. But would you believe it when we tell you that she wrote the song in 10 minutes? Well, you better believe she did. 
  14. Sha has 19 tattoos and she likes to get them only her left side because her dad asked her to keep one side of her body slightly normal.
  15. Her one and only motto: Life is a performance. No wonder all her on-stage performances are always mind blowing and amazing.
  16. Being as famous as Lady Gaga comes with a lot of things, including having a course dedicated to you. Yup, that’s right. Lady Gaga has a course dedicated to her called the “Lady Gaga and the sociology of Fame”. Want to take it? Just attend the University of South Carolina.


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