9 Different Eyeliner Looks | Tutorial 2018

9 Different Eyeliner Looks

Hello my beautiful people today I am showing you guys how to create nine different eyeliner looks so if you guys want to know what the heck I did with my eyes my eyes were really irritated by the way so.

I’m sorry if at some point I look terrible anyways I hope you guys enjoy and keep on watching so of course before starting any look you want to make sure that you apply an eye primer just to prevent any creasing throughout the day and of course I am using Urban Decay’s eye primer and original for all these looks.

I am using Maybelline eye studio gel liner and this is in blackest black gel liner is actually a little bit easier to use so if you are a beginner then I would definitely recommend maybelline eye studio this first eyeliner look is simple and straightforward all you have to do is shape your natural eye shape the second look isn’t winked out eyeliners to do this you have to line your natural eye shape and then once you are at the outer corner begin to wing it out then from this line that I created I am connecting it to the original line and filling that in after you’re finished with your.

When you start to fill in areas that you did not catch earlier now the third look I am showing you guys it’s called a double winged eyeliner so once you have lines and natural shape of your eye and created your wing this time for a double wing all you have to do is start from the outer corner and drag along the wing leaving a space between the lines just so that it won’t look awkward continue on to smudge your liner a little bit towards the center of your lower lashline smudge it with your finger if you would like and that is a double winged eyeliner for the fourth style.

I am creating a basic eyeliner look all you have to do is start from the middle as close to your lash line as possible begin to shape and then finally drive the line down simply create a straight line going inward towards your eyelet your actual eye and that is the finished look the next look calls for drama and of course this is a extremely bold look all right the next style is smooth which is basically a straight line across and that’s it and there you have it very simple and straightforward for another bold look.

I simply lied the natural shape of my eye and now I will continue on to add wear eyeliner and making it thicker once I hit outer corner and once I get to the outer corner I am winging it out just a little bit and connecting it back to the liner so as you can tell this eyeliner look is very bold and black and it is definitely all the way up to the crease and there you have it all righty this next look is a fish style eyeliner so I hope you guys enjoy that.


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