DIY Exfoliator for Fresh and Clear Underarms


DIY Exfoliator for Fresh and Clear Underarms

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DIY Exfoliator for Fresh and Clear Underarms – As summers are going on we all love to wear sleeveless,backless outfits for this season to get rid of from excessive heat radiation.Even though we wish for such an outfit our underarm problems such as dark patches, dryness make us to stay away from those dresses.Need not to worry.We have come across with various solutions for various problems and that too a DIY one..One such easy remedy to this problem is using an exfoliator.It is not only easy but it is safe for any skin types too.Do check out our other articles for other solutions too.

Let’s get started…

Things needed:

  1. Baking Soda:
  2. Turmeric powder.
  3. Lemon juice.
  4. Aloe vera gel.
  5. Almond oil
  6. Gram flour.


  • Mix all ingredients and make a thick paste.
  • Open up your pores using hot towel.
  • Apply this pack and gentle rub in circular motion for about 15 mins
  • Again apply the paste as a pack and leave it for another 15 mins.
  • Rinse out well with cold water.

For your sake,here  i have added a demonstrated video below to know more.

Hope you enjoyed the video

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