This DIY Peplum Top Is So Easy to Make! I Want One!


We all have one or two t-shirts that we love for reasons that go beyond glamorous issues. Perhaps reminiscent of a resort area, maybe it was a gift, or perhaps they have a logo or phrase that bring back memories and have many meanings for us. Whatever the cause is, we cannot get rid of them, but if we are really honest with ourselves, they do not look at all well.

Either because they are very large, they are loose or are something broken, you can still use these t-shirts … And we do not mean that you are going to use them just to sleep or on Sundays. No, instead, we will go super feminine and super beautiful with this video tutorial from the YouTuber coolirpa. She will show us how we can transform any t-shirt or blouse in a peplum top that will keep the essence of the memories flowing into the garment and will also add a new style. Look at her and learn!



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