Factors to be Considered for Arranged Marriage


Factors to be Considered for Arranged Marriage

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“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”  – Andre Maurois.Marriage itself is not an easy task and that leading a happy marriage life is a bit tricky and difficult task and that too for an arranged marriage the things get even difficult. Once a girl complete his studies and started earning,her parents started thinking for a alliance to her and push her in a world full of responsibilities , sacrifice, love. trust and much more.I do remember a saying marriages are happen in heaven.but when heaven is overloaded …..Jokes apart arranged marriages are not always wrong until u pushes towards it..But it can be good if you think over it and noded your head for that proposal.
If you are going to step into that kind of marriage , here are certain factors to be considered by you before telling yes.
So i hope this will helps you to chose your life

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factors considerd for arranged marr

1.know about him well with frank speeches and analyse him before marriage itself.

2.Unrealistic Expectations – Let your partner know whatever expectations you’ve from him.

3.Know the Role of in-laws is as vital as your partner’s to make your marriage life peaceful.

4.Do not try to hide your past from your future husband an know if he ready to accept it or not.

5.Girls, please show the real you to your partner before marriage. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

6.If you are crazy upon some things make sure will he allow that in future or not.

7.let him know about your life goals, passion, ambition,hobby .It wouldn’t be a wise thing to leave your career, your dreams for no reasons.

8.Make sure if your partner and their family have a weird rules towards your family.

9.It wouldn’t be a wise thing to leave your career, your dreams for no reasons.

10.Observe his behavior when he is around less privileged people. A good human being with a kind heart is all you need in your future husband.

Kept this points in mind and chose a best life for your future.

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