They Lost Hundreds Of Pounds On The Biggest Loser, But Continue To Struggle With Weight Loss


Weight is easier to gain than to lose, unless you have a high metabolism that lets you process the food faster and refrain you from gaining weight. But that is not the case for some of us and for those who decided to get on The Biggest Loser.

On the show, there are trainers that will keep your weight in check and your diet balanced and the main goal is to reduce your weight. It  looks like the contestants are going through a lot in the show right? With the restrictions and the heavy work-out sessions with the trainers. Yes, the do have a hard time in the show, but believe it or not, after shedding all those weight from the show, it’s harder to actually keep the weight in check or reduce more. Why? Well here are a couple of reasoning for that matter that have been taken from the season 8 contestants’ experiences.

This article is by no means trying to shame the contestants in any way. This article is trying to bring more awareness that it’s actually harder to lose weight than gaining them. But this also doesn’t mean that you who are suffering from the same problem should give up.

Sean Algeaier entered the show at 444 pounds.

And here is Sean in the end of the season. He lost 155 pounds in the course of 7 months. Not bad right?

But this is Sean now, weighing 450 pounds.

“The key point is that you can be on TV, you can lose enormous amounts of weight, you can go on for six years, but you can’t get away from the basic biological reality.” – Dr. Michael Schwartz in an interview with The New York Times. Dr. Schwartz explains further on how a person’s metabolism slows down considerably after losing that much weight, to a level that is lower than your original starting point. Your body is literally fighting you to keep your weight on.

Sean is not the only one. Dina Mercado also has her own story when she entered the competition at 248 pounds.

By the end of the season, Dina managed to lose roughly 75 pounds, weighing 173.5 pounds.

After the show? Well, she also gained some weight, but not as much as Sean. She currently weight 205.9 pounds.

Although she didn’t gain a large amount of weight back like the others, this proves that it’s likely an issue of a metabolism in flux. 

Another pair of contestants that got into The Biggest Loser, Rebecca and Daniel Wright. These two are a couple who started off with 279 (her) and 430 (him) pounds.

By the end of the season, Rebecca lost 139 pounds while Daniel lost 256 pounds. Impressive, right? This just shows how dedicated they are.

But no matter how much they try to maintain their weights, they can’t help but gain more weight afterwards. 

The couple is still working our regularly despite their lack of weight loss.

Another contestant is Amanda Arlauskas who started the season with 250 pounds. 

After the season ends, she weighed 163 pounds.

And luckily she has been able to maintain her weight fairly well; she is now 176 pounds.

Dr. Kevin Hall, the scientist who leads the research project which examines the season 8 contestants found another thing; the leptin was much lower in the contestants than most people. Leptin the hormone in your body that makes you feel full after a meal. Not only did their bodies respond to a sudden weight loss and exercise by reducing their metabolism, they likely had to deal with feeling unsatisfied with the small amount of food they consume to stay thin.

This is indeed a struggle for more than one person. But if you are suffering from the same thing as these contestants, don’t give up. Though you may not be able to maintain your weight as you’d like, you still will be healthy. 


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