Shocking: Are BANANAS Being INJECTED with HIV virus?


Shocking: Are BANANAS Being INJECTED with HIV virus?


We’ve heard some pretty shocking information lately regarding the fruit we all eat and love very much. Apparently, the WHO has reported that there are over 1 million HIV-AIDS infected bananas on the market and the public is warned to be on the lookout for these dangerous fruits. The news were spread on the media around the world and people were warned about this these days. Evidence from different areas of planting show that in South America there may be more than 2 million infected bananas. International media reported that countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United States, Argentina and Brazil, are in greater risk because of large quantities they buy regularly. Even though this information spread around the globe like wildfire, the most recent update is that the story is a hoax with the sole purpose to negatively influence the banana import from Guatemala. But it still stays unclear who would stand to profit from infecting the bananas with the HIV-AIDS virus? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned in to find out. You need to check World Health Organization’s website every time you hear a rumor concerning our health – if there’s nothing mentioned there the information is false.



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