Smart Ways to Soothe Unhealthy Scalp

How Soothe Unhealthy Scalp
How Soothe Unhealthy Scalp

Smart Ways to soothe Unhealthy Scalp

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Smart Ways to soothe Unhealthy Scalp – Hot and bad weathers can create lot of skin and hair issues.Once such problem is an unhealthy scalp.It can make your hair dry,leaves itchiness  and make the hair look dull and life less.So without stating much let me go into the subject quickly to treat this problem in a smart way.

So here are some tips to soothe your scalp to get healthy one.

1. Dandruff – Use dandruff relief shampoos and try out DIY’s (Check out our prev post)

2. Yeast infection – Try out products contains salicylic acid and dont over shampoo your hair.

3. Crusty Patches – Use a mild exfoliating shampoo twice in a week.

4. Scalp burning and irritation – Use SLS free and natural shampoos,instead of using shampoo everyday use it alternately.

5. Sun damage – Keep your hair and scalp covered always to prevent them from damage.

Here i have attached a video to let you know more about it

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