Summer Special Eye care


Summer Special Eye care

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Summer Special Eye care – We are already in the peak of summers and we need more attention to our self than ever.summer is the season which can create various skin and other related problems .so we are in need to give extra care to our body parts as well.Once such organ in our body to care extremely with care is our eyes.Eyes is also needed attention equal to our face.As like skin our eyes are also get tanned due to heavy sun rays and spoil the entire look of our face.So let us see certain ways to pamper our eyes in this summer.

• Invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Only 100% UV-protected sunglasses will prevent your eyes when being exposed to harmful rays.
• Your sunglasses should be wrapping your eyes tightly to prevent ultraviolet rays and pollution damage.
• If you swim regularly, ensure that you wear goggles. In summer, most pools have increased amounts of chlorine.Wash your eyes well after you swim.
• Use lubricating eye drops free from preservatives this season.
• Drink plenty of water. 3 liters recommended.
• Wear a large sun hat every time you are out in the sun.
• Try to stay indoors when possible especially from 12 noon to 4 p.m.
• Make use of SPF sunblock a habit. Reapply every two hours when outside.
• Eat adequate quantities of Vitamin A, C; fill up on carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach for vitamin A and guavas, bell peppers, citrus fruits and papayas for vitamin C.

• Rinse your eyes well with cold water, after coming back from the sun. Wash well and pat the eyes gently with a soft towel to dry them.
• Don’t forget to remove your eye makeup well.

Let me link you a simple video regarding eye care for your further reference

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