Traditional Ways to Beat the Heat


Traditional Ways to Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat – Yes summers are here, i think terrible heat may make you fed up doing your routine works.We people do search regarding how to get rid of from this prickly heat. The first main thing all will do is buying an air conditioner sit back underneath and they think this is the best way to tackle heat. But to the truth its NOT…Prolonged absorption of air from air coolers or other electronics gadgets may leads to various skin issues in future..It is always advised to maintain a limit and also make sure that the temperature of AC is not less than 20 in order to avoid certain skin rashes.

If you might think what is the other way to beat this horrible heat?Yes we have certain traditional ways to tackle it with no more skin issues.

Follow this and be happy in all days…


beat the heat

1.Tragacanth Gum:

Its is a kind of Shrub.

The botanical name of this wonder ingredient is Astragalus Gummifer.

Grown on a thorny shrub, it takes form of off-whitish crystals when dried.

When soaked in water, it becomes gummy and fluffy.

It can be  eaten with flavored milk.

You can also add it to chilled lemony water with mint leaves, sugar and crushed ice.

It prevents your body from heat stroke; it acts as a laxative and also helps in urinary incontinence.


It is such an easy and perfect way to beat the heat.

It is made from yoghurt which has digestive enzymes.

It soothes your bloated stomach and also provides relief in constipation and other digestive system problems.

Flavored yogurt is quite famous these days.

3.Mango Drink:

A little tangy, a little sweet with little hints of spices based mango-licious drink.

It keeps your digestion intact and body cool in soaring temperature.

It is quite rich in Vitamin C which makes it a super yum and super healthy summer drink.

Also external application of Fuller’s Earth, sandalwood powder can gives you a major relief from heat and make your skin feel fresh and hydrated.

Here is a video for prickly heat home treatment

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