Wait Until You See This 60-Year-Old Woman Dance to a Bruno Mars Song! Wow!


When Ellen uploaded a video to the Internet of the dance teacher Shirley, performing a dance routine mimicking the popular “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, the Internet community could not believe it. Even Bruno Mars himself could not believe how this woman made perfectly the hip hop routine worthy of Bruno.

Unfortunately for many, Shirley will retire professor of dance at the age of 60 years, Ellen so invited her to her show for Shirley has one last chance with her children to prove themselves! Watch the video at the bottom to marvel at the incredible dance routine.

As you can see, these kids are very talented in their choreography, but you cannot help but have your eyes glued to Shirley! And not only for its dazzling pink jacket, not at all. It’s just that she knows how to move when dancing!

To make things even better, Shirley obviously loves his children and children compensate her with the same love. It is so amazing and beautiful that they have such an incredible role model and such a good teacher to learn to dance!



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