What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell About Your Personality?


sleeping position

Sleeping is one of the best experiences and it relaxed us. Everyone loves to sleep in the position which relaxed them the most. But do you know that your sleeping position is a mirror of your personality. Your sleeping position tells a lot about you. Today we are sharing what your sleeping position tells about you. There are generally six sleeping position. Check your position and learn below to know more.

1. Fetal, the child in the womb

Also called pillow hugger. You are tougher from outside but shy and sensitive from inside. They are worried too much and over think.

2. Yearner

Like position, they are also open in real life. They are very slow in decision making but once decided they stick to it.

3. Soldier, attention!

They are strong and disciplined. They take everything seriously and are silent observant. Their expectations are always high with themselves.

4. Log, attention, turn sideways

They are easy going and trusting. They are also easy to persuade. They are also very social.

5. Starfish, DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man

They are very loyal and can be very good friend. They are rare and always there to help others. You can share your secret with them and they never gonna tell this to anyone.

6. Freefaller, the adventurous divers

They are dynamic and adventurous. They are most playful and open personality. But from inside they want to control everything and want all power in their hand.


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